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Navajo Nation moves to shut down hemp farms amid claims of marijuana growing

By Craig Harris Leaders on the Navajo Nation have cracked down on one of its mem...

USDA announces details of $14 billion CFAP 2 – Hemp Farmers Eligible!

By AGDAILY Reporters President Donald J. Trump and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture...

3 Ways to Prevent Your Hemp Harvest From Growing Hot

By Paul Barbagallo 1. Choose Known Cultivars. Hemp growers should select known c...


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American White Label CBD 2019 Fire Sale & 2020 Harvest

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Credit Card Processing for Hemp Companies

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The Next 100 Years: Rural Prosperity & Hemp Exposition Free Online

Hello Just launched this free expo, come check it out: This is about the ...

Hemp Live Resin vape oil

We are looking for a supplier or white label manufacturer of Hemp Live Resin vape oil. Manufactured, preferably, at the ...


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