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Florida hemp industry fears for the worse as regulations loom

Hemp entrepreneurs from all parts of Florida have made the trek twice to Tallaha...

Hemp industry fears THC proposal will stunt its growth

Some consider Louisiana a haven for legal cannabis in the Deep South, even thoug...

Industry Leaders’ hemp vision for the 2023 Farm Bill falls far short

With the hemp industry in a deep trough, the U.S. Farm Bill now before Congress ...


Hemp Harvesting Equipments

Im looking for some thoughts on hemp / cannabis harvesting equipment for a project in Latin America. It will be fairly l...

Don’t believe the pictures and descriptions of product

I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus quite yet. Waiting to see if they step up and do the right thing. Here’s a q...

Soft Gel Capsules

I’m looking for a soft gel cap manufacturer. We have a formula that we’d like to produce in gel cap form. Preferably an ...

Live Resin Extraction

I have been talking to some extractors that are producing a live resin versus a traditional CBD and CBG distillate and w...

looking for premium full spectrum oil.

My name is Sebastien. I am from Switzerland and I have a small CBD wholesale company. I have a special request. I am loo...

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