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Kentucky Will Skip USDA Rule This Year, Will Continue to Operate Under 2014 Farm Bill Pilot Program Rules for 2020

 by Eric Sandy Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Dr. Ryan Quarles announced this...

Farm Bureau Supports Higher THC Limits for Hemp

by Chuck Abbott U.S. Farmers think the USDA hemp regulations are too stringent T...

iHemp Revolution Interview with Zev Paiss

Listen in to a recent interview all about the Hemp Marketplace with co-founder Z...


Hemp CBD and chemotherapy

Has anyone had any stories using hemp-derived CBD products for the effects of chemotherapy? There has been quite a bit o...

Clone vs Seed

Hi all, As we all enter the time we have between harvest and planting I know I’ve been solidifying my seeds and cl...

How much money can you make from growing hemp?

There is a lot of misleading information about how much money you’ll make from growing hemp. Market trend websites...

What is your favorite cannabinoid?

Since there is a growing list of cannabinoids with more being research and discovered all the time, which one is your fa...

CBN: new avenues for rest

Hello all, We’ve all heard the buzz about new cannabinoids. CBN can be used effectively used as a sleep aid or sed...


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