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Seeking Contractor for the Collection and Analysis of Products Containing CBD and Cannabinoids

The Food Drug Administation is seeking a Contractor who shall provide support to...

2020 Hemp Production Outlook

by Hemp Benchmarks In July, Hemp Benchmarks was able to acquire updated licensed...

Delay of U.S. Hemp Rules Could Ease Sector’s Financial Challenges

by: HEMPTODAY® A U.S. senator has asked the Department of Agriculture to delay i...


Anyone had success selling larger quantities of full spectrum CBD distillate?

I’ve had success selling individual kilos of my high quality Full spectrum CBD distillate on this site but am look...

Hemp Pricing Fluctuations

Since 2019 hemp has been increasing in popularity and demand. How have people in the industry observed pricing shifts an...

Tutorial: Register for Free on

Browsing the is 100% free. However if you which to contact any sellers or participate in the Forum you w...

Harassment- Defamation of character

We at Fresh Bros have a very strict production schedule especially with Delta 8 gummies. We informed this customer of at...

Flavored Delta 8 THC Distillate

Hey everyone We are looking to get Flavored or different strains of Delta 8 THC Distillate, to start our own cartridges....


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