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For maximum exposure we also offer customized emails, which are distributed to our full user base of more than 12,000 users. You prepare copy up to 300 words and 4 images. We provide professional editing and layout design. We include a second mailing sent a few days later to anyone who had not yet opened the first email. Cost: $500 per email. If interested, email

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    • Do not include ANY marijuana products or connect to any website that sells marijuana products.
    • Include a website URL that you control. This can be your company website, your Business Facebook Page, your Instagram Account, a Dropbox with additional information, or your LinkedIn page. Just created websites may be questioned.
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    • Offer secure payment options, e.g. check, credit card or bank wire. Do not use transaction methods where refunds are not available, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, Crypto Currency, Gift Cards, Western Union, MoneyGram or any other untraceable form of payment.
    • Check your listing descriptions for typos, confusing or conflicting wording, improper punctuation, and text which has been copied from other listings.
    • You must own all photos used.
    • All COA’s must be authentic. We will contact the lab for verification. Preference will be given when using approved testing labs.

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