Boston Hempire – All Natural Hemp Products

We are pleased to share that Boston Hempire is offering a 40% off special for Hemp Marketplace users. The company began in 2017, and after over a year of research, communication with industry leaders, and endless product sampling, their premium brand of hemp and cannabidiol products was born. The foundation of the company is built on exceptional quality and excellent customer service.

Their suite of retail products includes premium hemp flower, hemp flower, pre rolls, smalls and shake, 500 mg and 1,000 mg full spectrum hemp oils, isolate, kief, shatter, and gummies (gummies due in March).

Their wholesale distribution division has expanded well beyond New England to supply distributors and retailers nationwide. The wholesale division offers counter display “full racks” of 1g bags (20 per rack) and 8th bags (10 per rack) of artisan flower. Also available are 8ths of artisan flower packaged in premium Boston Hempire black tins sold in 30 packs or larger. 500 mg and 1,000 mg oils, shatter, isolate and pre rolls are available for wholesale distribution as well. By March, a multi-rack of flower, pre rolls and gummies will be available. Boston Hempire will also work with distributors for a customized solution with any of their offerings to meet the client’s goals and needs.

All shipments contain COA’s for each product. Their customer service is friendly, prompt and always responsive. The company is constantly growing and developing new branded products, including consumables and additional hemp cultivars.

If you’re interested in learning more, please call Boston Hempire at 781-924-1011 or go to their listing on the Marketplace to take advantage of their special Marketplace 40% off offer.

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