CBD Isolate Sale -$5,900/kg for 1 to 24 kg

One of our active sellers on the Hemp Marketplace is Mark Harrison, MD. CEO of Physician Merchant Services which offers highly competitive prices for CBD Isolate.

Physician Merchant Services (PMS) is an Isolate group purchasing organization which negotiates bulk volume discounts for their clients.

PMS has 75 kg of Isolate available on the shelf during the last week of January priced at $5,900 per kg for 1-25 kilograms.

1 to 24 kg – $5,900
25 to 49 kg – $5,750
50 to 99 kg – $5,500
100 Kg – 249 kg – $5,200
250 to 499 kg – $5,100
500 to 999 kg – $4,950
1,000 to 4,999 kg – $4,750


All Products are Made to Order monthly and are sourced from multiple hemp farms across the country to secure the highest quality.

• 100% Pesticide Free
• 100% Heavy Metal Free
• Made from Sustainably Grown Hemp

This CBD Isolate is made from domestically-grown hemp derived in compliance with 7 USC 5940, Farm Bill Compliant, and compliant with applicable state law(s).

If you’re interested in learning more, please go to their listing on the Marketplace.

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