Frosty’s Extracts CBD Full Spectrum Oil

One of our active sellers on the Hemp Marketplace is Rick Yonce owner of Frosty’s Extracts with offices in Medford, OR and Los Angeles, CA.

Their goal is to create a superb end product, while still remaining environmentally respectful and conscious.

The constituents in their oil include:

CBD – 71.2%
CBG -2.6%
Delta 9 THC – 2.62%

Their CBD distillate is single pass full spectrum, and as you can see is clear as a bell. It can be mixed before shipping for any tincture, cartridge, or whatever formula you need. Full Spectrum is the preferred refinement for wellness topicals, tinctures, pet products and will be compliant once added to your formulation. We can package retail ready, if you need white label solutions.

With over 30 liters a day output available in Oregon and Southern California, they offer a consistent and reliable supply chain provider. All products are food grade ethanol extracted.

They are not interested in any run-around or buyers just interested in “kicking the tires.” Clients will be dealing directly with the processing facility.

Want a Sample? – No problem
Need to see their COA? – No problem
Help with Delivery? – No problem
Need a Custom Formulation? – No Problem
Any Questions? – Contact

If you’re interested in learning more, please go to their listing on the Marketplace.

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