Hemp Seeds From Colorado Breeders Depot

Searching for affordable CBD seeds and clones just got easier! At Colorado Breeders Depot, they provide high CBD low THC seeds and clones for all your farming needs. They offer wholesale solutions for everyone from backyard grows to large farms looking to grow from seed or clone. They want to help all farmers, from 10 clones to 10 acres to 1000s acres!

Because the 2019 grow season is fast approaching, Colorado Breeders Depot is offering a BUY ONE POUND ($2500), GET ONE POUND FREE of their special non-feminized BOAX x OTTO II seeds. Only 5000 pounds left in stock!

All seeds are tested by Colorado State University (CSU) for a germination rate of 88% and have a 99.7% purity! Boax is a high CBD Hemp cultivator breed in Colorado and selected for early harvest and high levels of CBD resin production. BOAX is based on selection from an inbred-line of Hindu Kush and the OTTO II seed. This seed has been back crossed and stabilized for high CBD expression and fast flowering time and dense bud structures. The BOAX is fast growing, vigorous, uniform in height, and breads true for the high-CBD chemotype (chemical make-up).

ALL CSU reports, images and COAs can be found at this link.

They have a LIMITED quantity of FEMINIZED seeds for CHERRY WINE, WIFE, and C4 for the 2019 growing season as well!

For additional information please visit their Marketplace Listing. They want farmers to succeed and keep a standard for this amazing crop that will help change the lives and help heal many lives.

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