Hemp Marketplace Featured on Raising Cannabis Capital Podcast

Exciting news! Last week Hemp Marketplace founders, Zev Paiss and Joheem Loh, were interviewed as special guests on the popular Podcast: Raising Cannabis Capital.

The Hemp Marketplace has demonstrated its viability to build the largest and most trusted online community of hemp buyers, sellers and end users.

Joheem & Zev talked to host Dan Humiston about plans to expand the hemp buyers and seller platform to include end-users, enhanced vetting, and analytics.

“The community within the virtual hemp mall will provide an additional layer transparency enhancing its security,” shared Joheem Loh.

After two years of operation, more than 2 million page views, and over 150,000 users, the Hemp Market is now poised for the next stage of expansion.

The Hemp Marketplace has launched a campaign to invite our rapidly growing community of sellers, buyers, and users to become part owners of our rapidly growing online platform.

Please listen to our recent Podcast to hear the exciting plans currently underway and what you can expect in the next 12 months.

If you would like more information please contact us!

Zev Paiss & The Hemp Marketplace Team

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