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As we see the industrial hemp landscape ahead with a huge quantity of U.S. hemp being grown for this coming harvest, we have a timely message for American hemp farmers.

This year some farmers have planted faster maturing crops of auto-flower cultivars. These early crops will be coming to market this month. Overall, this is beneficial to reduce the supply need at this pre-Fall Harvest time. As a result, we expect to see an abundance of biomass material come Fall and correspondingly a potential downward pressure on prices.

Have 2018 biomass? For those of you who still have shucked or milled material from the 2018 harvest, consider pricing your material to sell before the new crops hits the market within the next 30-days.

Quadruple Your Reach

We have recently updated our Social Media presence to extend the impact of every Listing on the Hemp Marketplace. This new feature will significantly increase the number of viewers to our site and multiply the exposure on every Listing will receive.

Whenever a Listing is posted or “Bumped” on our site we will repost it onto our Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages. This will quadruple the exposure each listing receives for the same low price before.


Share Your Thoughts

Our Forum Section is growing every week. We encourage you to post questions and/or provide answers if you are knowledgeable about that facet of the hemp space. You may also use this resource to let us know about your experiences in this ever-changing industry. Share your thoughts: be they good, bad, or in between. We want to hear from you!

If you want to talk, please contact us.

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