Introducing nånoHEMP

We are excited to introduce a true nånoCBD, a pharmaceutical-grade, FDA ‘GRAS’ approved, 100% Water Soluble CBD – Phytocannabinoid Plant Extract available in Powder & Full Spectrum liquid solution.

nånoHEMP is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and are assisting clients with the formulation of their retail products. They are OPEN during the Labor Day weekend! Call them direct to discuss your immediate formulation needs at 310-405-2349.

Their Isolate Derived product consists of 500,000mg’s of CBD (bio-equivalent) powder (kg) or solution (ltr) and sell for $1,500/ltr. Click here for product solubility videos.

Their Bio-enhanced HEMP Full Spectrum product consists of 200,000mg’s of CBD ((bio-equivalent) powder (kg) or solution (ltr). and runs $1,500/ ltr.

Their nånoHEMP technology encases the CBD molecules with safe-to-use, non-toxic compound ingredients which are FDA approved and GRAS listed. This is done through a proprietary absorption matrix @10-20nanometers for superior absorption breaking the ‘blood brain barrier’ into the bloodstream for full absorption and swift efficacy.

These products have 20x more absorption than that of the leading CBD competitor. * Proven by science and pre-clinical’s * nånoHEMP is a scientifically proven superior Raw material which saves money, both in time and labor for formulators & manufacturers.

At a size of 10-20 nånometers this product does NOT degrade in stomach acids, enhanced transport to blood stream, offers decreased formulation costs, thermodynamically accelerated stability analysis leads to an enhanced shelf life of 3 years, withstands pasteurization, is easy to prepare.

* They offer 1kg/ltr spot buys and Wholesale/Bulk pricing available *

They are currently looking for Sales Reps & Distributors

They are currently selling these products globally in CBD Water, Oral Thin Film, Oral Sprays, Salve’s, Pain Relief Spray, 4oz Beverage Shots, Tinctures, Gel caps, Gum, Gummies, Hard Candies, Lotions and topicals.
Contact them today to learn more about their innovative nånoHEMP products via email at on their website at, via WhatsApp at 310-405-2349 and do check out their hemp marketplace listing to learn more

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