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In 2016 I realized that college was not on my ideal path or journey. I ended up looking into industries that I was passionate about to find opportunities for a young college student to start a business. My business partner now and I love cannabis and all that is has to offer. Unfortunately with low capital funds and the regulations necessary for a start up cannabis business in Massachusetts, it was near impossible for me to get something started. I realize CBD was going to be HUGE! sometime in late 2017, we started to work on starting a CBD business but because we were so small and working against the growing saturated market of cbd oil and lotions we hit a wall.

After finding out smokable hemp flower was available that was legal, didn’t have psychoactive properties and that we could source for a much lower cost, we knew this was the time to act. We quickly moved all of our efforts to hemp flower. We have been building our brand for most of 2019 and focused on wholesaling. This past 4 months in business we have almost tripled are sales each month.

Things are finally starting to shift into gear and we are now taking a step back to see how we can operate on executive levels with a learning curve. At 23 years old, I would have never thought id be wholesaling large deals for hemp flower or creating a really high quality brand I can feel good about. Check me out online! at http://www.cannessentials.com

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