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I am brand new to this space but so very excited to be apart of this industry. I have always been fascinated by Eastern Medicine and healing and wellness done in the “old ways”. I love all things herbcraft and have been making and sharing herbal remedies with friends and family for as long as I can remember. I also love making my own skin care products and have found as good or better results than any store bought product, using hand-crafted oils infused with beneficial herbs.
With all that said, I live in California, though I am from KY(hopefully moving back in a few years). I have been fascinated with the healing properties of the cannabis plant and have been experimenting with cannaoils in salves, tinctures to deal with pain(I have an arm injury and don’t want to take any meds for it). I have decided I want to start a business doing what I love and have a passion for, healing and herbs.
I am excited to share this space with all of you.

Friend Rachel @https://hemp.rawmarket.place/community/rayamanoha/

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