Here Come The Minors

When one thinks about Cannabinoids the first letters that typically come to mind are THC and CBD, but that is beginning to change. Since there are over 105 different cannabinoids already identified it, was only a matter of time before growers, geneticists, and breeders starting shifting their attention to some of what is currently called the “Minor” Cannabinoids.

Even in the world of THC and CBD we are already paying increased attention to similar compounds such as THCa and CBDa the acidic form of each of these better known cannabinoids. But we are still just barely scratching the surface of what is available. Quicking gaining popularity are CBG the “master molecule,” CBN the “sleep” cannabinoid and CBC the anti-tumor compound. All of these “minors” are already being extracted and converted into isolate or distillate forms by a handful of labs.

We are also seeing this shift begin to appear right in the field as farmers grow new cultivars already bread to be higher in these minor cannabinoids.

This trend is going to see product differentiation according to different cannabinoid profiles and the associated benefits we discover for each of them.

For anyone involved in the biochemistry of low THC cannabis there is a lifetime of discoveries to be made.


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