The Many Uses for Hemp

It is often said that hemp has over 25,000 uses and I truly believe that. The more we discover about the properties of hemp the more application we find for it.

While the Draft of our Constitution was written on hemp paper, it is important to understand that hemp paper was a very common product at that time. The Declaration of Independence was almost surely written on hemp paper, but so was virtually all other printed and written items. Hemp was used in clothing and all kinds of ropes from fence mending to the rigging of the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria. Those ships literally brought hemp to the New World as part of the food the sailors ate and the rigging and sails that allowed the ships to sail across the Atlantic.

Hemp cloth has been found in 8,000 year old chinese graves. This plant has been an integral part of human life for so long that we have had the time and experience to figure out many. many ways to use the various products of this plant.

As you can see from the image above, the different parts of the plant are used in a wide variety of products. The seeds are first dehilled, roasted or crushed leading to a number of uses. The oil from the flowers are extracted and used in a growing number of topical and internal preparations, The stalk has historically been used for fibers.

I encourage you to learn as much as you can about the entire hemp plant and discover the many wonders contained within.

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