Owyhee Rolls Out First Hemp-based Compostable Onion Bags

OCTOBER 10, 2019

Owyhee Produce in Nyssa, OR, announced Oct. 9 a plan to create regenerative produce bags by converting hemp fibers sourced from the operation’s own crops. These compostable bags are set to be an available packing option, releasing spring 2020.

The company will be growing 500 acres of industrial hemp on its Oregon farm land this year. The industrial hemp will be used to create CBD oil, with the leftover fibers used to create compostable bags and other industrial materials. Excited to finally come full circle in the company’s mindful efforts to develop plans in reducing carbon emissions, pollution and waste, company members have a renewed drive to make it happen.

“We know not everyone can commit to these types of standards today,” said Owyhee Produce General Manager Shay Myers. “However, for the most demanding companies out there, those companies who have made the massive commitment to reduce carbon emissions, pollution, and waste, we are here. We are among the most climate-conscious and progressive farmers in the country, and we want to partner with the best companies to make a difference.”

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