What’s a Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

by Eric SingulareHemp

We believe you shouldn’t need a PhD to shop for CBD.

These times have been described by some as the Wild West for hemp-derived extracts, like cannabidiol (CBD). Not to be the boogie-men or women, but unfortunately many CBD products are misrepresented. What exactly does this means?

It can mean that what’s advertised on the bottle may differ from what’s actually inside, like the amount of CBD. There’s also the risk of contaminants, funky substances leftover from when the hemp was growing or when cannabinoids were being extracted. At this point, you’re likely thinking, wow that sucks, how do I even know what’s safe to buy and what isn’t?

This exact dilemma is one of the things that inspired us to create ehemp. So we set out to create a place where you could get out the weeds and discover the highest-quality, most-trusted CBD products out there. How do we filter past the noise to deliver on our promise of ensuring product transparency and safety?

We have a team of hemp industry leaders who have been pioneering the return of hemp in the U.S. for the last two decades. Using our decades of collective experience, we created a strict vetting process to verify CBD products and brands.One of the most important ways we do this is by only partnering with companies who get their products tested by a 3rd-party lab. We also require that the results of the lab test are available for everyone to see in a report called a Certificate of Analysis (CoA). These tests are critical because they are the only way to verify what’s actually inside a product.

While CoA’s are easily accessible on every product page, if you’ve never seen one before, they can be difficult to decipher. Here’s a breakdown of all the different tests that you’ll see on a CoA.

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