First Hempcrete Build of 2020

As construction is reopening and deemed essential across the US, construction projects are beginning to resume. Hempitecture had been consulting with a client in Missouri to complete a spray applied hempcreteproject before spring. Due to coronavirus, this project was delayed until construction was permitted and all safety precautions could be put in place. In a rural location, this project was the perfect opportunity to complete the first hempcrete build of 2020.

The homeowner client, also a builder, self built the entire project with the help of local contractors, readying it for a hempcrete spray installation. This involved considering the mass of hempcrete, in this case, on average 10 inches, and framing accordingly. The interior walls are clad with interior finish magnesium oxide boards; a vapor permeable wall cladding that is fireproof and not susceptible to mold. When secured to the studs on the interior side of the house, hempcrete can be spray applied directly to the boards, encasing the studs and creating an envelope without thermal bridging.

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