Experts Bet Big on the Future of Using Cottonized Hemp in Denim

Hemp is on track to becoming a popular cotton alternative for the denim industry.In a panel hosted by Mohsin Sajid, creative director of denim label and consultancy Endrime, hemp was touted as a fiber to watch for a number of reasons, beginning with the positive effect it can have on the environment.“Hemp is very justifiably being presented as a great miracle fiber for its potential as a regenerative crop,” said Janelle Hanna, White Weft, design consultant. “It has the ability to solve a lot of the problems that we have with soil.”

Hemp can break up compacted soil and remove contamination and heavy metals from the ground. Panelist Zennure Danisman, marketing and washing manager at Orta Anadolu, added that the crop significantly reduced soil toxicity after being grown around the abandoned Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

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