Twenty-one Hemp Farming Tips

by Cassie NeidenHemp Grower

Regardless of when you started farming hemp or whether you’re growing it for fiber, grain or cannabinoids, you’ve likely considered a lot at this point in the season. From disease prevention and nutrient delivery to employee training and more, you will have even more to contemplate as you monitor your crops throughout the year and prepare for harvest.To guide you through the growing season, Hemp Grower has compiled a wide-spanning list of actionable tips you can implement this year or make note of as you prep for next year. We’ve spoken to cannabidiol (CBD), grain and fiber farmers, as well as university researchers at the top of their fields, to bring you the some of the best information the industry has to offer in this special three-part series.

In this issue, Part I shares insights to help you prepare for planting and get your crops off to the healthiest start possible—from field selection and soil prep to pest prevention and more.

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