ALERT: DEA and Hemp Extracts

Source: Knight on Cannabis

The issue of Work in Progress Hemp Extracts (WIPHE) has been around, albeit “underground”, for several years. I routinely discuss it with my clients that process and manufacture hemp and CBD products. Without any official position on the matter by the USDA or the FDA, nor any enforcement attempts by the DEA, the WIPHE issue remained an “elephant in the room”, a massive issue that no one wanted to discuss. The general idea was that if no one addressed it publicly then it would never come to light. Unfortunately, it has finally come to light in the form of an official DEA rule. As usual, the DEA has taken the wrong position. This time, its position is an existential threat to the hemp/CBD industry. Please comment using the link below to comment. Hemp is a popular issue with both Democrats and Republicans, and our leadership needs to understand that the DEA is threatening to wipe it out.

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