3 Ways to Prevent Your Hemp Harvest From Growing Hot

By Paul Barbagallo

1. Choose Known Cultivars.

Hemp growers should select known cultivars that have consistently tested well below 0.3% THC in their local areas, Pearce says. In most cases, the reason hemp tests hot is because of bad genetics. Farmers in Kentucky, for instance, might be using seeds bred for West Coast soil and climate when what they really need are cultivars developed specifically for Kentucky.

2. Pay Attention to the Soil.

Preventing hot hemp is not only about selecting the right plant and the botany of that plant; it’s also about the biology of the soil and the enzymes converting the CBG to CBD, says Michael Goodenough, a managing partner of D&G Agtek, the parent company of sweetheal.com, a hemp and CBD producer in Connecticut.

3. Harvest Early.

In addition to paying attention to the soil, Goodenough says growers should also rethink taking their plants to full term. Cannabinoids increase with time in the plant, which is why growers should consider employing an in-house testing protocol and be prepared to harvest before the THC levels exceed 0.3%, even though harvesting early results in lower CBD levels as well.

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