Author: cbdofnv

Our team has over 30 years experience as an F1 grower. Lafayette started his growing experience in Northern California as a laborer for over 20 different cannabis farmers. He worked his way up to be the lead grower for a few of them and then seized the opportunity to have his own farm. Having learned tried and true techniques and survived under severe circumstances, such as inclement weather, wild animals and the authorities, he succeeded where many others failed and completed four years of successful harvesting. Since his return to Las Vegas he has innovated new growing indoor methods which have proven extremely successful. We have all operations and crop in place and growing successfully, but we are severely underfunded. We are seeking funding to carry us through the 2019 grow season. We have some great plans for the future and we would embrace the opportunity for an innovative investor to come on and team with us. We hold current NV Hemp Grower license and NV Hemp Seed Producer license.

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