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Text HEMP to 9546327200 for $100 Pound special of Suver Haze View

Flower 4803 02/08/2020

$ 125.00
STARTING AT $125.00 A Pound ! We have a few varieties qualities and prices to pick from. CONTACT US TODAY !

Tier 1:
125 per pound starting price
Quantity we can work a deal

Tier 2:
1-50 pounds $170 .00
50+ pounds $150.00
100+ Pounds Call us today

Tier 3:
1-20 $170.00 per pound
20-50 $160.00 per pound
50+ Call Us Today !
25 Hour Farms
Not Applicable
5 lbs.
Cash, Wire, Certified Check, Card

: 25Hourfarms

Chattanooga, TN; Atlanta, GA; Orlando, FL; Huntsville, AL; New Orleans, LA

WHOLESALE !!!! Multiple Strains Available. Starting at 125.00$ a pound with a minimum order of 5 pounds. Bulk Discounts available. Suver Haze, BAOX, Frosted Lime, Trump, and more changing weekly !

TEXT RJ 954-632-7200
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