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Apparel 515 05/07/2020

HEMP HERO MASK: 1000-5000: $12.99/unit. 5001-15,000: $11.99/unit. 15,001-30,000: $10.99 30,001-50,000: $9.99/unit.
SLVR9 HEMP+SILVER MASK: 2000-5000: $19.95/unit. 5001-15000: $18.95/unit. 15001-30,000: $17.95/unit. 30,001-50,000: $16.95/unit.

Pricing does not include shipping.
Allow up to 20 days for delivery.
$ 12.99
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
1000 (HERO MASK). 2000 (SILVR9 MASK)
XERO, VENMO, Bank Wire. 50% down payment. Balance due at time of shipment.

: Adin Alai

Silver Spring, MD

9Fiber is dedicated to reviving the US hemp economy to create sustainable materials and fabrics without harming the environment. Our products are responsibly & ethically sourced domestically and abroad and are devoid of harsh chemical treatments.

9Fiber’s HERO 100% hemp civilian mask is designed for today’s everyday heroes, ballers, shot-callers, visionaries and renegades who value sustainability, durability and superior performance to cotton. 9FIber's SILVR9 100% Hemp + 100% Silver mask is built for superior protection, comfort and style.

• 100% HEMP
• 100% HEMP + 100% Silver (SILVR9 Only)
• Adjustable Nose Bridge
• Elastic Ear Straps
• Naturally Anti-Bacterial
• UV Resistant
• Anti-Radiation (SILVR9 Only)
• Hypoallergenic
• Sustainable
• Mold & Mildew Resistant
• Incredibly Soft
• Light & Breathable
• Responsibly & Ethically Sourced
• No Harsh Chemicals
• 3x Stronger than Cotton and Built to Last
• Machine Washable
• Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
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