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Equipment 04/13/2020

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Agro Products LLC

: Brian Corbett

Act now and don’t risk losing your valuable hemp crop by not having a solid drying plan in place….

Let’s forget about waiting days or even weeks to dry your precious hemp flower and biomass after harvest, dry it fast and efficiently with our automatic mesh belt dryers.

Significantly reduce your labor and drying costs as well.

With this fully automated, climate controlled, continuous-feed hemp drying system, our 12M-5L model can dry 1,000 lbs per hour.

Low temperature drying preserves the precious cannabinoids you worked so hard to produce in your hemp flowers.

Input moistures can be as high as 80 -85%, Output moisture of 8% - 10%.

Food-grade stainless steel drying chamber and mesh-belt conveyor system.

Control panel to control temperature and conveyor belt speed for maximum drying.

Propane or natural gas heater is included at no extra charge.

Very affordable for growers or processors, starting at only $48,000. (Including free shipping to the nearest seaport or rail hub)

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