AIP 2020


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$ 300.00
$350 for 1 lb
$325 for 5 lbs
$300 for 10lbs
Same-day processing and OVERNIGHT shipping OK before 1pm PST.
Straight from our California Farm to your doorstep.
Accepting all payments except credit cards.
(CashAPP, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, etc)
1 lb
Venmo, cashapp, zelle, PayPal, wire, etc

: AIP 2020

BEAUTIFUL Cali-Bud! Looks like THC!
Loud nose! Dense, Seedless!
Hand-Trimmed, perfectly cured, FULL of TERPENES and CRYSTALS all over this FROSTY BUD.
We have:
1. lemon berry
2. frosted lime
3. afghani kush
4. bubba kush
5. green kush
Ask about samples
Cream of the Crop / TOP SHELF BUD
Perfect for Jars or to sell by the 1/8th.

Dense, FRESH, FRAGRANT Lemony Scent!

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