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Flower 02/14/2021

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Pastry-level Chef!

Hello and Welcome to Anything Is Possible!

We handcraft Gourmet, Pasty-level Edibles with CBD and Delta 8.

Our edibles are THC Non-detect, so they are safe for virtually in any and all 50 states!

We can custom make any strength or potency, as well as can advise you on the best potency for what you're looking for, just call and ask!

Our Edible list includes: Nerd Rawkz! Chocolate covered Pretzels, Chocolate dipped Marshmallows, Vegan and All-natural Gummies, and Cereal Bars that range from fruity pebbles, to cocoa pebbles, to Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Our edibles range from 15mg each, to 1000mg each!

Be careful, they can be potent, and potentially keep you high for days, as told by previous customers!

+1 (310) 717-7412

In addition to our Gourmet edibles, we make Potent moon rocks too!
WE ALSO have California Grown Flower as well!

Fresh* West Coast Grown*
Top Shelf* Jar Ready* + stored in our temperature regulated cold storage rooms.
+ Preserved in bulk bags with large BOVIDA Humidity packs
+ Fragrant, Full buds

also sold in pre-made jars

Let us know what you want and we will be there!
Anything is Possible!
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: AIP 2020

+1 (310) 717-7142
Gourmet Pastry-level Edibles!
Delta-8 or CBD
Be careful, they can be potent

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