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Flower 12277 08/21/2019

$ 175.00
Alpengro specializes in the organic cultivation of high CBD hemp flower from living soil. Limited batch release of flower testing at high CBD levels with below .3 % delta-9 and amazing terpenes. We also offer hand crafted 1 gram pre rolls. Wholesale price sheet and COA's available. Buy direct from the farm!
Alpengro LLC
1 lb.
Credit or debit card, wire transfer, or cash

: alpengro

Bend, OR, USA

2020 flower is now available! Better Hemp at a Better Price. Buy farm direct for premium high CBD or CBG flower.

Alpengro in Central Oregon has been growing top shelf cannabis for more than 10 years. We are on the dry side of Oregon and have no mold issues. Thankfully we were not affected in anyway by the fires in Oregon this year. We offer flower grown on a family farm using organic, sustainable agriculture and living soil. All of our flower is hang dried, slow cured and stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for maximum quality and great terpenes. Once our flower is perfectly dried and cured we thoroughly machine trim and hand finish for top shelf, beautiful flower.
Don’t let someone show you one thing and then send you something else. We will send you a sample that is a true representation of what you will get from us every day of the year.
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