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Distillate 09/22/2021

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**Contact Sam at 541-224-1823 for current specials

**pricing based on quantity ordered

Wax- (available in terpene blend of your choice)

D8 Wax- 600-750 lb
HHC Wax- $850-1050 lb
THCO wax $750-900lb
Quad oil wax- $850-1000lb

* All wax Also available as badder, badder and wax can be infused with terpene blend of your choice at no extra charge.

D8 liters @$450- 650 Kg (amber or

THCO Liters- $800-1000 k/g

HHC liters (9r/9S)$1000-1250 k/g

HHC 9-beta- 1100-1250 k/g

D8 shatter $450-550 lb

HHC Shatter-$800-950lb

(All disposables and cartridges are 1 gram and available in 15+ terpene options)

D8/THCO hybrid disposables $6.50-$8

HHC disposables (1g)- $7-8.50 each

D8 disposables- (1g)$5.50-$7 each

HHC Cartridges (1g) $6-7 each

Thco/d8 cartridges(1g) $5-6.50 each

D8 cartridges (1g)- $4-5 each

Gummies Available! High quality bulk gummies- HHC, D8, THCO, D10 and more

*inquire for pricing

Custom Bulk pre-rolls available infused with cannabanoid of your choice

* inquire for pricing
Discount Pharms
Debit/credit, cashiers check, money order or wire transfer

: Sam

We’re ready to go with all of your businesses needs. Various types of bulk distillate, crumble/wax, cartridges, Disposables, shatter, infused flower, gummies, pre rolls and more! Please reach out at the direct line below for questions regarding other products or for help processing an order. (541-224-1823)

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