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Distillate 09/22/2021

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**pricing based on quantity ordered
THCO wax @$1000-1200lb
D8 wax/crumble @$750-900 lb
THCO batter @$1200-1400 lb
D8 batter@$1000-1200lb
D8 liters @$550-775 Kg (clear, amber or
D8 shatter @525-600 lb
THCO Liters- $1000-1300k/g
HHC liters- 2600-3000 k/g
D8/THCO hybrid disposable cartridges- $7.00- 8.50 ea
(1 gram 15 terpene options)
D8 cartridges- (1 gram) 4.50-5.50 ea
D8 disposables- 6.75-7.50 ea.
HHC Carts- $9-$10

Call Sam @ 541-224-1823
Discount Pharms
Debit/credit, cashiers check, money order or wire transfer

: Sam

Quality Delta 8, THC-0 and HHC! 541-224-1823 (Sam) Try our THCO wax or our newest line of HHC products! We pride ourselves in same-day shipment and we’re ready to go with THCO/D8/HHC liters, crumble/wax, cartridges, Disposables, shatter, infused flower, pre rolls and more! Please reach out at the direct line below for questions regarding other products or for help processing an order.

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