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Flower 11/23/2021

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$ 350.00
Freshly harvested D8 and THCO flower. High quality flower infused with 20% D8 or 20% THCO D8 blend. Available infused with your favorite terpene blends, Runtz, Gelato, wedding cake, etc (20 options). Some of the lowest pricing on the market for a quality product!

** Discounts available on bulk purchases, certain sale products do not apply.

Fresh Strains available-
D8 infused @350 lb THCO/D8 infused @500lb

Spec diesel
Cherry diesel
Cherry abacus
Fruit loops
SS haze
Suver haze
Sour Jack
Sour lifter
Sweet kush
Hawaiian haze

‘20 harvest Fire sale- D8 infused @150 THCO/D8 @275

Abacus 2.0
Sour space candy

Heavily coated kush D8 moonrocks 50-60% D8 @500lb
Excor partners
1 lb
Credit/debit, wire transfer, ACH transfer, cashiers check or money order

: Sam

We strive to supply farm direct Quality CBD and delta eight products at market competitive pricing. Our aim is to provide wholesalers/personal consumers in the industry with a quality and fairly priced product.

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