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Flower 01/21/2022

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$ 250.00
**Summertime Special**

Spend over $1000 dollars and get any 2 of the following options Free!

-Free pound of d8 infused flower

-Free Ounce of Runtz D8, THCo or HHC wax

- 200 Free D8 gummies (strawberry, apple, blue raspberry or watermelon)

*Fresh CBD flower (15-20 strains)

Hand trimmed-$125-200lb
Machine trimmed $75-150lb

Cherry Diesel
Fruit loops
Pinneapple express
Suver Haze
Spec Diesel
Sour lifter
Sour jack
Sour Haze
Cherry abacus
Forbidden OG
Special 7

*Below pricing based on quantity ordered

*All above strains available infused! Only premium lab direct distillate used. (Infused @20% ratio)
D8 @200-300 Lb
THCO @350-425lb
HHC @375-450lb
quad oil (d8, thco,d10,hhc) @375-425lb

Indoor exotics (hydro)- 750-900lb-
Orange slice
Guava octane
Frosted jack

*indoor options available infused with HHC,D8, THCO or quad oil. Please inquire for pricing
Discount Pharms
Credit/debit, wire, ACH, cashiers check or money order

: Sam

Top shelf CBD flower! Contact Sam (541-224-1823) Available infused with HHC, D8, THCO and now offering Quad oil!
We have a unique variety of high quality seedless Flower. Everything from top shelf outdoor flower to premium indoor exotics, with over 20 strains to choose from I’m sure we have some quality options for you or your business! Shipping is fast and discreet. Please reach out at the direct line above with any questions or for the fastest method of processing an order.

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