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Flower 390 03/30/2020

$ 315.00
Several strains available (150lbs total remaining):

BaOx - 13.38% CBD
ACDCxBaOx - 13.65% CBD
Cherry Bullet Delight - 12.41% CBD
Lifter - 16.75% CBD
Suver Haze - 18.73% CBD
Purple BaOx - 12.95% CBD *limited supply*

-all strains <.3% d9-THC
-all strains also passed heavy metal and pesticide screens
-COA's available upon request

Pricing as follows:
$350/lb 1-2lbs
$335/lb 3-9 lbs
$325/lb 10 or more lbs.
$315/lb for all 150lbs
*Limited Supply of Purple BaOx, price is $400/lb
*De-fanned, hand-bucked, untrimmed flower also available for $150/lb

-1lb minimum order quantity, and $19.95 flat rate shipping and handling fee applies to all 1lb orders
-Free Shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. with a farm bill compliant hemp program on orders of 2lbs or more.
-sample sizes less than 1lb are available, but additional shipping and handling fees will apply
Ben Wilcox Enterprises, LLC dba Off Piste Farm
check, bank transfer, usps money order, square, paypal

: Ben Wilcox

Vermont, Sutton

All of our flower was grown outdoors on our farm in Northeastern Vermont. Our flower and farm has been audited and certified clean by the Cannabis Conservancy. We follow organic production standards and are in the process of pursuing organic certification through NOFA-VT this year. We grew these plants from seed and/or rooted clone and used no pesticides at all during any phase of the growth cycle. We sprayed OMRI listed biofungicides during the vegetative cycle to help prevent mold and mildew, but sprayed nothing during flower. During harvest each bud was meticulously inspected and any defect was removed leaving only clean healthy buds to be hang dried in our barn. After hang drying and curing, we inspected each bud again while hand bucking off the stalk, and inspected again while trimming. This meticulous inspection assures you that these buds are clean and good quality, we don't keep anything that we wouldn't use ourselves.
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