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Whole Plant 1132 03/19/2020

$ 2.00
Healthy, Happy, disease, and pesticide free High CBG clones. This strain is a great producer in cannabinoids(CBGa), yield, and terpenes. All cones are sold without propagation and breeding restrictions.
Minimum order Quantity 12.

All clones are shipped via usps priority, in our custom packaging. Guaranteed live delivery. Invoice sent via square. Clones shipped on the Monday or Wednesday following cleared payment.

# Rooted clones. Price
12 $80
24 $150
48 $275
100 $500
500 $2250
1,000 $4000
We also sell unrooted cuttings, they are shipped in custom packaging that mitigates ethylene. Pricing is $.50 less for unrooted cuttings
3"x3" pots can also be made 10,000 at a time. Pricing +$2 per

Competitive pricing.... unmatched quality

We have high CBG mothers, clones, and teens in stock now!

We also have spots open to make up to 100k CBG seed starts.
Very Good Hemp LLC
Not Applicable
Wire, cash, cashiers check, Square

: bestpriceseeds

Bayfield, CO

No middle man, call or email me direct. This year if you are looking for top quality CBG genetics, meticulously cared for by a lifelong cannabis professional look no further.
719-373-3839 (please text first)
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