Eric Norum


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Raw 560 08/16/2020

$ 100.00
Small batch, slow cold dried, cured, and hand trimmed CBG flower. Incredible nose and bag appeal. First batch is sold out! Fresh harvest hanging now. New COA’s coming soon. Expected 16-20% based on previous COA’s
Looking to sell next batch Untrimmed as a single lot. Should be at least 100lbs Untrimmed(well sorted)
Buy the whole lot @ $100/lb, pick up available
Samples available for qualified buyers

Also available un-trimmed Smalls ~8lbs
$65/lb great for prerolls .

Currently material is un-trimmed in curing containers and is trimmed to order. Trimming deposit may be required.
Very Good Hemp LLC
1 lb
Cash, wire, Venmo, cash app, cashiers check

: bestpriceseeds

Bayfield, Colorado, USA

We will have about 500 pounds of green, seedless, hand trimmed, and total THC compliant flower this season
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