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Flower 584 11/15/2019

$ 200.00
We have a variety of options. We have premium hand trimmed flower ($250/lb) and bucked lower buds that have been separated from the fan leaves and stems but aren’t trimmed ($40/lb). We typically have about 50 lbs of trimmed flower available at all times and have 2000 lbs of the untrimmed flowers.
Big Farma

: Big Farma

Bayfield, CO

Grown with love using only organic inputs from Buildasoil. Pesticide free. High in terpenes and over 13.29% CBD. We have COA, pesticide screen, terpene analysis, and more photos available for those that are interested, for some reason I am unable to upload them. We are offering hand trimmed premium flowers as well as untrimmed flowers from lower on the plant. We have about 50 lbs of trimmed flower currently available and 2000 lbs of the untrimmed. For bulk purchases, feel free to make an offer. Venmo, Zelle, or wire transfers are our preferred method of payment and let me know if you've got any questions. Thanks!
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