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  • We grew the Wife. Our clones were 3 weeks late – half weren’t rooted – most of those didn’t make it, but what we got acclimated and into the ground turned out pretty good. Had we gotten that extra month head start, I think they would’ve ended up far bushier than they were. But at the end of the day we had 19.5% CBDa (converted by the lab to 17.1%…[Read more]

  • I confused on the testing requirements. From what I understood, the delta 9 reading isn’t necessarily considered on its own anymore I’m under the impression that they will either decarboxylate the THCa or use a formula to generate a total THC figure which will be determinative. I don’t like that at all, since there’s no way to determine how muc…[Read more]

  • Call me silly, but if your lab is using an HPLC to test your sample. They can and do pull out and isolate all of the cannabinoids during the testing.

    Seems to me that one single test can be used to determine potency and lay out the cannabinoid/terpene profile. Not sure why the labs charge separately for them unless they use a GC mass spec for…[Read more]

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