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We have beautifully clear 90-94% THC-0 with the Delta-9 Non Detect.
Our THC-O KG's are water clear, shelf stable, and delivered with a full panel COA from a DEA certified lab that are transferable if needed. Our in-house chemist developed a conversion method that is now patent pending, it allows us to produce THC-O at a cost un-beatable by other labs in the industry.

1 KGs -$600
10 KG's - $575
25 KG's - $550
50 KG's - $500

We offer tolling services to convert your CBD Isolate into THC-O , send us your hard to move Isolate and we will send it back to you converted to the hottest molecule on the market. Inquire for contract pricing.

We offer bulk purchase of THC-O, HHC, HHC-0, & Delta-8 KG's, white labeled carts & disposables with a wide variety of styles and terpenes in stock at all times. THC'p & THC'v blends also available.

**We either manufacture in house or if it's an exotic we don't produce we have easy access to any cannabinoid you are looking to put in cart, dab, or disposable; and have the additional production capacity to fill 250,00 carts or disposables per month.

Water clear D8 KG's
1 KG's $575
10 KG's $550
25 KG's $525
50 KG's $500

1 KG - $1100
10 KG - $1050
25 KG - $1025
50 KG - $975

1 KG - $1400
10 KG - $1350
25 KG - $1300
50 KG - $1250

We carry 35 Terpene Profiles and 100,000 carts in stock at all times, choose from metal or ceramic carts, 1g or 2g.

Cart prices are below, call me to negotiate prices for larger MOQ's. Prices includes clam-shells.
THC-0 starting @ $3.00
HHC-0 Starting @ $ 3.75
HHC Starting @ 3.50
D-8 starting @ $2.75

Call Jordan, 304-641-1072
Blue Ridge Extractions
Cash, Check, wire, card(+2.5%)


Bulk KGs,
CBD Isolate tolling to THC-O,
HHC tolling to HHC-0,
1g & 2g Cartridges filled,
Disposables filled,
250,000 carts per month production capacity,
full white label packaging,
Testing and certification in your name,
we are your one stop shop lab and manufacturer!
call Jordan @ 304-641-1072.

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