Chandler J. Agsunod


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Flower 132 09/08/2020

$ 125.00
Chandler J. Agsunod


(719) 356-2807
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American White Label CBD LLC
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: Chandler J. Agsunod

Denver, Colorado

We been having a huge influx in international orders and we are very grateful for our international clientele in conjunction with all our great customers here in the US!

We have been working hard to strategically plan and execute international orders as streamlined as possible to get your packages and pallets to you safely and through our shipping trade lines we have tirelessly set up. Our team has been dedicated to finding a safe and legal way to ship your hemp to Europe or wherever you are in the world.

All shipments are 100% secure, fully insured and pre-cleared with all proper documents, licenses and certificates.

We understand that you need high quality flower at a great price as well. We have several clients we ship internationally on a regular weekly and monthly basis.

If you are in need of any bulk flower shipped to your location outside the United States, we will go over your order and shipping plan to get your product to you safe, sound and in a timely manner.
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