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Flower 602 12/16/2019

$ 200.00
Cal Nevada Farms is happy to present a special on its standing inventory. With consistent quality and year-round supply, Cal Nevada can provide stability and peace of mind. We offer secure nationwide shipping for all of our products.

For bulk purchases, of 100 lbs or more, please contact us so we may better understand how to serve you.
Cal Nevada Farms
1 lb for smokable flower or 1/4 lb for CBD kief

: Cal Nevada Farms

Las Vegas, NV


Smokable CBD Flower (Min Order: 1 lb total flower):
Siskiyou - $195/lb
Trophy Wife - $195/lb
Bubba Kush - $275/lb
Boax - $190/lb
Canna Blush - $190/lb
Siskiyou Bud Shake - $99/lb
Indoor Trump - $500/lb

Smokable CBG Flower (Min Order: 1 lb total flower):
CBG Flower - $550/lb

CBD Kief (Min Order: 1/4 lb):
CBD Kief - $2/g
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