Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp.


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Fiber 67 10/15/2020

$ 1.50
Guaranteed supply of 10,000 lbs / month; Price $1.50 / lb; min order – a bulk bag on a pallet– 250 Lbs; located in Calgary, Alberta.
Canadian Greenfield Technologies
Not Applicable
bulk bag on a pallet– 250 Lbs
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: Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Premium bast fiber produced by special decortication process using HempTrain®; Canadian grown and made; no hammermill, no damage – the fiber is unretted, clean, intact, long (6”-30”), dust free; perfect for premium textile, composites or structural applications. The fiber may require additional cleaning from hurd inclusions (about 15%) depending on the application.
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