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Packaged 12/20/2021

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Pricing depends on order quantity
Retail options and private label options are available

CBD Disposables 500mg $6.00
CBD Cartridges 500mg $4.00
CBD Tinctures 1000mg $8.00
CBD Tinctures 2000mg $10.00
CBD Vape Juice 500mg $6.00
CBD Vape Juice 1000mg $8.00
CBD Pain Salve 2000mg $8.00
CBN, CBG, CBC, formulations available
$ 1.00
Not Applicable
Online Invoice, Wire, Zelle, CashApp, Credit, ApplePay, Square

: Cannafacturer

⭐Get wholesale / Private label and branded products here!⭐

Cannafacturer offers every cannabinoid product you can imagine at unbeatable prices. We offer premiere white label services that include complete brand buildouts, 3D renders of products, and website development. We have low MOQ's and can even offer non-white label deals with retail ready products.

If you are trying to start a brand, expand your product line, or looking to lower your current cost of goods we can help! Cannafacturer is a vertically integrated large scale CBD manufacturer. For this reason, we are able to offer prices unseen before in the industry. Let us decrease your product costs by over 200%. Call today to get pricing/info (520) 838-1413.

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