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Distillate 10/21/2020

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?️Wholesale rates for D8 Seltzer™ are available at ?https://wholesale.d8seltzer.com
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?️Retail for D8 Seltzer™ is available at ?https://d8seltzer.com

**If you have a large order (50 cases or more) please contact us at https://wholesale.d8seltzer.com/contact. We can arrange freight shipping and save you and your customers a lot of money.

100 grams $200
500 grams $650
1kg $1000

Would you like to mix different flavors and terpenes? Choose your flavor and we will blend for you!
Terpenes to choose from:

Girl Scout Cookies x2
Banana Runtz
Blue Raspberry
Grape Ape
Thin mint cookies
Runtz x2
Watermelon Zkittles
Ekto Kooler
Wedding Cake
GG #4
Blueberry Down x2
Indica Blend
Orange Pineapple
Bubba Kush x2
Gods Gift

?White-Label D8 Vapes 1ML
$5 per unit MOQ 100 cartridges

Cannavessel Labs / D8 Seltzer
100g of Distillate, 50 Units Products, 1 Case D8 Seltzer
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: Jack

Find a unique new experience with D8 Seltzer ™. Our idea is simple: seltzer infused with Delta 8 in 3 delicious flavors. It’s unlike any product you’ve had before; It’s not just a drink, it’s an experience. Great for any occasion.

This is this is the original Delta 8 THC Seltzer. Our customers love the taste/feeling and are selling out fast in stores all across the US. Be the first person in your city to carry D8 Seltzer. We have a ton of stock available right now, but its going fast. Visit ?https://wholesale.d8seltzer.com for wholesale rates or go to ?https://d8seltzer.com to view our retail site.

?At Cannavessel Labs we're offering premium, compliant D8 distillate. We aren't a broker trying to make quick flips, we are an advanced Lab that extracts, distills, and synthesizes D8 all in-house from hand-selected quality hemp. The distillate tests at 88+% Delta 8 and comes out with a beautiful color. We are also able to do custom orders of Nano-Emulsified D8 tinctures, and D8 cartri

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