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Hey Everyone, Just made our first listing with options available for Premium Hemp Flower to Biomass quality with competitive pricing! Please contact us to get more info on our Availability, Lab Results, Images, Video, Strains, Shipping and Order Information. View

Flower 11/13/2020

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$ 15.00
Our quality remains a priority here at Cannessentials.
Delta 10 infused edibles with all-natural fruit flavors are clean and potent.
Vegan, Gluten-free, and delicious, give them a try! High-Quality Pectin.
Delta-10 vapes contain hemp terpenes and the finest variety of strains.
We are all about consistency and dependability!
Cash, wire, venmo, cashapp, Square etc

: Gino Hoxha

Cannessentials is a a one-stop shop for everything hemp and hemp-derived!
We make it seamless for you to get the best products for the greatest prices.
Reach out for more info via text / call / email!
(781) 666-7494

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