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Flower 1163 10/14/2019

$ 100.00
1lbs - $100
>1lbs - $95
Wachue Growing LLC
CO- 79708
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: Wachue Growing LLC

Lamar, Colorado; Lincolnton, North Carolina; Fresno, California

!!FIRE SALE!! Grown outdoors with no pesticides! These are TOP BUDS all trimmed and cured for perfect smoke buds! Use for preroll blends or premium flower!

We have available our:
T1- "Diesel, earthy, skunky" (16.96% CBD)
Berry Blossom- "Fruity, berry, sweet" (16.51% CBD)
Cherry Abacus- "Fruity, skunky, earthy" (14.48% CBD)
The Wife- "Sweet, fruity, earthy" (15.96% CBD)
Stormy Daniels- "Earthy, sweet, sour" (15.78% CBD)

Also have 79% CBD Full Spectrum Distillate for sale as well! $1500/Litre

Contact us at: 828-270-9148 for more information and let's do business!
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