Gary Costley


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We have trimmed bud, hand chucked and combined Sour space candy. 13% CBD View

Flower 10/14/2020

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$ 75.00
Current inventory is 1500 lbs.
$75 per lb.
We ship USPS, UPS or FedEx for small orders; vacuum sealed and packaged. Larger orders are packaged in vacuum sealed bags and placed in secured barrels for shipping by insured trucking firms..
5 lbs
Cashier's Check, PayPal, Wire transfer, Venmo

: cbsfarmsllc2018

We are a small family owned and operated business with attention to detail. We consistently produce a quality product. Tight dense nugs; Bold aroma. Grown from seeds and hand harvested in Central Oregon. Air dried, machine trimmed (2x) followed by a hand trim cleaning provides a beautiful flower having tested at 14.6% CBD with delta9-THC at 0.16%.
No pesticides, no seeds. Terpene profile included with COA.

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