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Clones 05/19/2021

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Our clone variety, Unicorn, is the first clone in the industry to provide a money back guarantee if you break .3% at full maturity. Unicorn was the first CBD clone to pass the Colorado Dept of Agriculture's Certified Hemp trial. Unicorn was also the first CBD clone to become AOSCA eligible and the first CBD clone to file for Intellectual Property Protection at the the USDA PVP Program. Unicorn is now the first fully legal, at all levels, CBD hemp clone in the USA. . CBD level is around 9%, the theoretical maximum since a 30 to 1 ratio is the limit. Being able to harvest at full maturity without risk, produces 3 to 4 times the CBD per acre as a variety that must be cut early to eliminate THC risk. Clones start at $3.00. Call Bill at 720-454-7213 Some clones are free- https://hemptoday.net/cutting-out-the-middleman-to-help-small-organic-farmers/ About our R&D- https://hempindustrydaily.com/industry-group-aims-to-develop-high-cbd-varieties-that-wont-go-hot/

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