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Hurd 107 06/25/2020

$ 3.00
Hempcrete education and experiment kits currently being offered in 2 options
1. Small Wall Kit (builds a 12x12x2.5 in wall) Includes: wooden frame, complete mix (just add water), & re-useable Hemp PPE mask $49.99
2. Block & Art Kit (creates a plaster that can be used for building and/or creating art) Includes: Art Mold, complete mix (just add water) & re-useable Hemp PPE mask $32.99
Wholesale & white label boxes available upon request.
DJOI inc
Not Applicable
Not Applicable
Cashapp, Wire Transfer, Debit/credit

: Corey

Mebane, NC

Educational Hempcrete Kits available now. Diversify your store's product offerings, Great introduction to sustainable building for all ages. Create art that cleans the air & start building for a better future today. contact for wholesale pricing. Bulk Hempcrete & Fiber available
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