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Listing our new feminized Colorado cherry seed crop today View

Viable Seed 59 03/22/2020

$ 16,000.00
100 seed pack--$ 200.00
1000 seed pack--- $900.00
Per pound, (approx 30,000 seeds)-- $16,000
Specific amounts available on request.
Free shipping to continental US.
Colorado gft
Not Applicable
100 seeds
Credit , certified check

: coloradogft

Loveland, Colorado

Fully feminized indoors using colloidal silver method.Flowering began in mid October to avoid any chance of cross contamination.
Over 98% germ rate. (. 198/200 germ in 4days at 74°)
Over 98%fem rate. ( 16 herm plants in 2000 plant sample from last crop.)
Parent plants exhibited +32:1 CBD to THC ratio. 10% cbd ( not cbda) content while remaining THC compliant.Testing done by GCMS.
Our 4th year developing this strain of Colorado cherry. Known for its delicious terpene content, Colorado cherry is bushy, and a wonderful oil producer. 1500 to 3000 plants per acre, mature plants can produce over a pound of dried shucked flower.
Colorado Cherry has been a strong performer since the inception of the industrial hemp program.
Licensed seed producer,
registration # 002HFG.
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